Saturday, January 14, 2012

Small to Larger Paintings

                    40 by 30
                    16 by 12
   I just finished the 40 by 30 and am too close to it, and it may need some shifts. But I am curious if any of you have a preference and why?  Please feel free to email if you like at This is the situation where the study was gone , something not advisable. It always seems easier with the study to match to the colors and values. I believe the shape, separation, and atmospheric recession are better in the larger one. The color of the real paintings is not as different as in these photos. It seems you resolve 80% of issues in the smaller, yet logically we should than be able to improve in the larger. Better thought out shapes, more transitions, and resolution of some of the remaining 20% hopefully but we all know we crash and burn sometimes, cest la vie.
   Art is challenging yet the process should also give pleasure and meaning. Thanks to all no matter where you are in your process. I heard a great quote unfortunately I can't quote the source, sorry. An advanced artist said "I thought it would get easier", and the reply was "it did , you just raised your expectations." 
   Maybe we should realize we must be joyful where we are, as we will never arrive fully, we are always in growth. 
   Will be comparing 2 paintings of the same scene and what maybe helped improve one over the other in the next few posts . Thank You

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