Monday, December 19, 2011

Making A Painting Slightly Better

This is one of those paintings that flew off the brush, others struggle their way to the trash can. Although the subject had no fall colors on the left side , I added some small amounts to spread a similar temperature throughout the painting and a similar warm color. It may hurt the painting to overdo on the left the side.
May you all have wonderful holidays and enjoy them. My tendency is to work too hard, don't grind if you can avoid it, I can turn anything into work like most of us, just get a little better each day and take a day off to be part of normal life. You need to be much more than  an artist.


Unknown said...

I love this painting...beautifully done - Elizabeth shared on FB and brought me to your blog and am enjoying your work!!

Scott Boyle said...

Man, that's some great words of wisdom! Well put! Thanks for sharing.