Friday, May 25, 2012

Reflections on Redesign to Improve

Below is my final product for Western Visions, lets see if I improved it,

Perhaps better cloud and snow work, more atmosphere in back mountains, more form in  mountains, better lighting in trees, and maybe better design of front rock which allowed for a better lead in and more transparent rocks in water:

    This was just too flat, poor front design of rock, yet maybe decent other large shapes:


    Funny, but the sketch painting of different subject matter I did for Western Visions I think I like a lot (it could be I get tired of them if they require a lot of extra work.), I try to always ask this question , how does it go to extraordinary in my view, which may not be in someone else's view, just a good question. I will cover the changes to it next time, and than report on the wonderful set of artists at my Provence workshop hosted amazingly by Anne Huff (fluent in French), of Huff Harrington Fine Art Gallery

Monday, May 7, 2012

Separating Layers in Plein Air Paintings

  Tis the season, just finished a great workshop in the streams, mountains, farms and vineyards of North Georgia, what great excited group of artists, and my thanks to Elder Ridge Studios, Donna and her husbands beautiful land of streams, buildings, etc and the gorgeous Three Sisters Vineyards and Doug's hospitality.
  Now off to teach in lovely Provence for Huff Harrington Gallery. I am actually in JFK airport on way to Nice.
  In preparation I did this quickie plein air, of a closed in scene that people seem to like, it took less than an hour so it stayed fresh with not so bad brush marks, but I think part of it was creating depth through the use of layers, that is trying to separate a strong front, mid front, mid, and back sections. I also tried to use spots of light to move your eye through the painting , maybe it works. I have learned the eye bounces around in the painting so the use of spots and lines of light maybe useful.
  Of course a lot of paintings don't make the cut, but it is always a learning experience. Painting abstract designs in all paintings is a great joy, just shapes and values. Next time we will compare the different versions of paintings done for the Western Visions Show.I love this statement "Small incremental growth is better than great failures. "
  You can only hear what you are ready to hear, so enjoy where you are in your painting.