Sunday, August 28, 2011

Simplify Plein Air Paintings

Well it cant be said enough to simplify, for me my plein air paintings are to get reads of the color harmonies and values that the camera wont catch. It is all about comparing everything and learning to squint on values. I like expressive strokes, but you still need to simplify your values. I am including 3 plein air paintings 2 recently and the other years ago. It really is not that good and shows I did not know where I was headed in some areas. You will be able to see for yourself.

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Allen Rodgers said...

I agree Bill. You might also give some comments on how important it can be to edit what you see compared to what you actually paint. I just finished a new plein air painting yesterday and it wasn't until I looked at it in my studio that I realized that there was one boat too many. I used my finger, wiped it out and changed the painting for the better. Simplified it. Thanks for the blog.