Saturday, June 11, 2011

On Accelerated Growth in a Workshop

HOW DO ARTISTS ACCELERATE THEIR GROWTH?  This is always a question that should consume us so as to enable each of us to grow easier and faster, especially in a workshop setting under limited time constraints. It is always a great joy for artists in a workshop to grow quickly with a sense of joy and accomplishment.
It is incumbent on a teacher to assess each artist and provide just enough growth to challenge and stretch so as to prevent boredom, yet not push too fast to create frustration and anxiety and to keep the process joyful so we grow faster? Modern psychology is proving that one performs better if one gets a deep sense of joy and satisfaction in the task. There appears to be a balancing point for each artist. Awareness by both the artist and teacher as to each student’s level of ability AT THAT POINT IN THEIR CAREER  (since we are all at different stages at each point in time) is immensely helpful. Motivation to paint seems greater when one enjoys the process and motivation keeps us painting more and more often. I always observe that artists in workshops do not take enough breaks and often I will have to force a break to happen. After a break artists see their paintings more accurately and thus paint better. Breaks are important for the painting and for our attitude.
Finding both meaning and pleasure in the process is important as that is believed to be a primary purpose of life for which we are hardwired, that is to find both pleasure and meaning in what we do.
In our constant demands to finish tasks and succeed it is easy to lose a significant purpose of art, to connect with an emotion and find a way to allow others a passage through art for them to participate in the emotion and mystery that so moved the artist. The more skills learned the higher our ability to create this passage, and the emotion is than shared which makes us more human, connected and less isolated.

Many thanks to all the artists that endured the elements at this workshop. A special thanks to Anita Elder at the Art Loft for the organization and facility, Katherine and Bill for the gracious dinner and Donna and her husband for the incredibly, beautiful landscape and hospitality at their home.

 The First Day of the workshop consisted of Demos and Studio work at
 the Art Loft Studio in Dahlonega, GA

Demonstration of a value study and shape plan

The  initial time in the studio was used to prepare  to capture the scenes in the North GA Mountains, which was followed each day by a full Critique back in the comfort of the Studio. Artists paintings were analyzed and painted on to show ideas on how to make the paintings better in front of the whole class. A painting each student brought was also analyzed to show how to help the painting achieve greater success.

A fall workshop is in the planning to include the beautiful vineyards around this area.

Next post will be a Reflection on paint outs and fast paintings on site. Here  is a 7 by 5 quickie for the Maritime Gallery in Mystic Seaport
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