Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When Things Go South in Plein Air, Growing

My final version of Gordes 12 by 9 from my workshop in Provence. It was than to Charleston for PAPSE paint out and finally The paint out at Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport, after seeing a show of William Trost Richards that totally moved me.

The issue is what is happening when you are painting well and you slip, I just did,I don't really totally know but here are a few ideas?

   1. Distracted by phone calls or current events, not focusing;

   2. You are trying to shift your normal painting techniques and ideas, so you don't feel or look stale and, thus you are growing;

   3. You have subtly shifted a color, added new colors, or a shifted one of your methods.


   1. Turn off phone , or put yourself under some pressure to focus;

   2. Go back to old ways, boring but safe;

   3. Be really aware of how you changed your techniques and colors, and filter what is working or not.
  Maybe we can always keep growing by asking 2 questions?

    1. If I was just 5% more aware of what is motivating me to paint it?

    2. If I was just 5% more aware how I would love for my paintings to look?
   ART and all of life needs to give both pleasure and meaning, even the things we enjoy. Trying to get both is a real key, just pleasure is unfulfilling. Artists are such a pleasure to be around, what a energizing collection of people.

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