Wednesday, November 9, 2011


  One of the great things about workshops is we all are creating , new acquaintances, new methods, recreating methods, hearing what we need to hear and having our paintings and methods recreated. You don't hear or get it until you are ready to receive that knowledge: how true.

  I just finished teaching a plein air and than a studio workshop. It is totally recreating and exhausting for all. As a side note recreation is necessary to recreate, they are of the same word. We all work too hard.
  As an illustration, I did a real quick 15 minute rock and houses in a cliff vignette demo just making it up; having painted these scenes a lot. That one quick idea sprang into a small works painting. Try making a painting up of a scene you have painted a lot , it creates a new concept for a painting. Funny, I really like the looseness in the vignette. Painting that small is hard for me ,follow your own temperament.

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